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In addition to my personal projects, I love working with folks to create the papier maché sculpture of their dreams! No idea is too silly or too big. I am open to working with brands and individuals. 

Here are some common questions I get about commissions.

What can we make together?

I'm open to a lot of different subject matter! The sillier and more personal we get, the better. Past subjects have included food, drink, cartoon characters, memorabilia, plants, and personal objects.

What are these made out of?

All of my sculptures are made using papier maché (a combination of flour, glue, water, and newsprint) with a base structure of paper, cardboard, masking tape, and sometimes wire. Depending on what we're building, I may use other compounds with similar materials to get everything just right!


After the form is complete, details are painted in with gesso and acrylic paint. The top layer will be sealed with gel medium to lock out moisture as ensure your sculpture lasts as long as possible.

How big or small can we go?

I am most comfortable working within a two-foot box. I do have limitations of my studio space to consider, but I love a challenge!

How much do you charge for your pieces?

This usually depends on size and how many different components are involved. A sculpture of an orange will have a different cost than say, one of a turkey club sandwich. Generally my rates range between $150-$300, but I can work within smaller budgets depending on what you're proposing. When you get in touch, let me know right away if you have a different price range in mind.

How much time do you need to complete a commission?

This also depends on size and the number of components. Since I work full-time outside of commissions and personal projects, I usually require a minimum of three weeks from start to finish. This includes discussing ideas with you, sketching, gathering materials, building and painting the sculpture, and arranging for pick-up. I may take up to six weeks if I am working on more than one commission at a time. Rush jobs are available for an additional fee (please specify this when proposing the project).

Do you ship your commissions if I live outside New York?

Yes, I can absolutely do this! Shipping is not included in my rate, so if you are unable to coordinate a pick-up of your piece you will be responsible for paying this in addition to the cost of the commission. I am happy to work with you to coordinate the shipping and find the cheapest option possible. In my own experience FedEx, USPS, and DHL all range between $80-$120 for sending pieces within a two-foot square. Keep this in mind when proposing your ideas especially with regards to size.

This all sounds superb! How do I get in touch with you?

Please fill out the contact form on this page with the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Your email address

  • The subject matter of your commission - be as descriptive as possible!

  • The proposed size of your commission

  • Specify any stipulations (budget, timeline, shipping)

Commissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once I receive your submission, I'll contact you by email to discuss further. I look forward to hearing from you!

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