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Life Wife Press was my side hustle for six years (2015 - 2021). I worked with my studio partner Victoria Florio on making a variety of things — apparel, hats, woven goods, screenprints, stationery, enamel accessories — all with a bright, goofy, and inclusive aesthetic.


In addition to collaborating on imagery and design ideas, I negotiated with vendors to spur production, packed and shipped orders, created social media content, and managed our online shop. We participated at several in-person events and sold in over a dozen stores across the United States and Canada. 

In 2021, Vicky and I decided to concentrate on other projects while continuing to support one another. She's since gone on to do some exciting things while I explore new mediums on my own. Check out her website here.


Photos provided by Hollis Johnson, Anthony Fusco, and Victoria Florio.

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