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Nice to meet you!

NAME: Andra (Annie) Narrigan

📍 Brooklyn, NY

I use all pronouns!

 I am a positive, thoughtful problem solver with colorful style and curly hair. I have a background in customer experience with a strong interest in UX and instructional writing. Making people's lives easier and empowering them to do their best puts gas in my tank. I am used to working in various states of chaos and spinning a lot of plates at once. Despite how clumsy I am (I've tripped going up stairs on multiple occasions), I am great at what I do.


Beyond my life as a working professional, I am a visual artist with a studio in Brooklyn, New York. I received a BFA in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014.

I know how to silkscreen, paint, sculpt, collage, and more! Anything that requires creative thinking, testing over and over, and paying attention to details really revs my engine. I'm also eager to teach people how to do things and learn from others.

I've lived a few lives as a business owner, gallery supervisor, fashion blogger, retail manager, and personal gift wrapper. I am a shameless maximalist and appreciate stuff that is bold, vibrant, and absurd. Some of my favorite things include stand-up comedy, baking, video games, gummy candy, collecting Mini Brands, writing letters, and shopping for vintage records.

On this site, you'll learn about me and some of the things I've done. If you'd like to work together on something fun, you can contact me here.

Photo by Abby Hassett

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